Giving our users what they want…

More sign language videos.

Our users have told us that they find the extended signing videos useful, so we have also added more videos with two signers in conversation in BSL to the Level 1 Support Course, as well as videos of extended sign descriptions and stories.

Questions everywhere!

Did you know that testing yourself is a great way to improve your recall of what you have learnt?

As part of the redesign, our courses now include more questions than ever!

The quizzes will test you on your understanding of the meaning of individual signs and your recognition and comprehension of signs in signed sentences and stories.


What’s new?

The most obvious change is the styling and layout of the website, but the most exciting change for us are the new forums.

These will allow members to contact each other and share tips and questions.

The forums will also be monitored by BSL elves so that we can help you to make the most of your BSL Online experience.

BSL Online is back online!

Exciting news from the BSL online team – The BSL elves have outdone themselves and after just 8 days BSL Online is back online.
The website rebuild has gone well and we hope that you like the new look, streamlined website.
There are still improvements being made – look out for announcements of the new and improved features.