I have watched a video. All I saw was an incredibly handsome man gesturing. Where is the sound so I know what is going on?

Thank you for the compliment!

Each of our videos begins with immersive signing. This is then repeated with subtitles for new signs. There are no voice overs or need to listen to sound. This enables hearing learners to focus on the important aspects of signing, without being distracted by trying to understand through their ears not their eyes, and also enables Deaf and hard of hearing learners to access the course on an equal footing.

If you find the unsubtitled videos intimidating to start off with, then you can skip through to the halfway point and watch the subtitled version straight away. As you progress through the course we recommend that you stop doing this as the videos are not just a way to learn new vocabulary, but also to practise to your receptive BSL skills, which are a vital part of BSL communication. Don't forget that you can watch each video as many times as you would like.