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Access Bedford Introduction to BSL
Expires After: 2 months

Deaf Awareness Course
Expires After: 2 months

This course can help anyone who wants to be able to communicate more effectively with with D/deaf and hard of hearing people.

You (or your employees) will gain a background understanding of

  • What Deafness is
  • How assistive technologies can help D/deaf people
  • Ways in which D/deaf people communicate
  • Deaf identity and culture
  • Practical ideas to improve communication
  • How to communicate with a D/deaf person using a support worker such as an interpreter

The course is online, allowing to access it at your own pace, as often as you would like, when you would like, during the 2 month access period.

There is a certificate of completion when you have finished the whole course.

Level 1 Support Course
Expires After: 1 year

The course covers all the vocabulary and concepts needed for a level 1 qualification from Signature or iBSL.

Introduction to BSL
Expires After: 1 year

This course is an introduction to the fascinating world of communicating in BSL – British Sign Language.
It covers fingerspelling, greetings, asking and answering questions, colours and more, including the weather (well, it is British sign language).

There are videos for you to watch, reference sheets to remind you of the signs, printables to help you practise and online quizzes to help you check your understanding.

Each lesson has a video showing the vocabulary and concepts which you will learn.

Each video starts with BSL only; this is then followed, after the logo, by the same message in BSL with subtitles.

As BSL has a different grammar to English you may be surprised by the subtitles; they are a direct translation of the new signs and not an English translation of the message.

As you work through the lessons, do take the time to practise forming the signs yourself. At the end of each lesson there is a short quiz to test your understanding.

At the end of the course there is a ‘superquiz’ covering all the topics which you have learnt.

BSL Taster Course
Expires After: 1 year

This course is designed to give you a taste of the signing courses here at BSL Online. We hope that you enjoy it.

There are 2 taster lessons; Colours and Animals. Each has a quiz and also printable sheets showing the signs, to remind you how to sign them.

As for all our videos, the lessons are first given in sign only, and are then repeated with subtitles.