BSL Level 1: Support Course

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Welcome to the BSL Level 1 support course.

Each of the topics in every lesson has a video showing the vocabulary and concepts which you will learn.

Each video starts with BSL only; this is then followed, after the logo, by the same message in BSL with subtitles.

As BSL has a different grammar to English you may be surprised by the subtitles;  they are a direct translation of the new signs and not an English translation of the message.

As you work through the topics, do take the time to practise forming the signs yourself.  At the end of each topic there is a short quiz to test your understanding.

In passing some of these, and by completing other tasks, you will win badges and earn points.  Each quiz also has a leaderboard.

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Fun way to learn BSL!

It is easy to understand and very interesting. I am yet to find it dull! Overall a very fun experience.

BSL Level 1 support

As a complete beginner to Signing this was a fun and interactive way to learn a huge variety of signs from a range of useful topics. The quizzes help you to check your learning and the range of vocabulary on offer is very good preparation for the Level One exam. I also found the printable sheets outlining the vocabulary a useful resource to print out and keep. The videos of short conversations are particularly useful as they help you to learn sign in context and help to prepare you for the conversational style of the exams.


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