Signing up to a Course

You convinced me! I want to learn BSL; how do I sign up?

First click on the ‘Available Courses’ link at the top your screen, or click here to jump straight to the course purchase page.

On this screen you can see the courses which we offer.

Each has a ‘Buy Course’ course button (Take Course in the case of the BSL taster course).

Click on the buy course button for the course which you would like to take. 

On the next page, you will need your name and email address, your coupon code if you have one and a method of payment.

What is the difference between the Introduction to BSL course and the Level 1 Support course?

The Introduction to BSL course is designed to be just that; an introduction to British Sign Language.

The Level 1 support course covers 35 topics, compared to the 9 in the Introduction course. Where the topics do overlap, the level 1 support course generally covers them in more detail, and with a greater range of examples and reference to wider BSL concepts. The Introduction course focuses more on specific vocabulary; while the Level 1 support course develops to include much more complex situational and extended signing, including concepts such as placement and sign order.

The level 1 support course is designed to cover the full range and complexity of signing needed to achieve a level 1 qualification and beyond. The Level 1 course also allows access to the Online BSL dictionary, which has over 950 signs.

I would like to learn BSL and I am under 18. Is this course for me?

Certainly. Some of our earliest testers were pre-teens.

To use the website you do need to be able to read the subtitles and text so we wouldn’t recommend it for under 8s, but the content is easy to use and follow and suitable for learners of all ages. You will need to ask an adult to complete the payment screen; they may prefer to set up your membership for you.  At BSL Online the only information that we ask you to provide is your name and email address.

We recommend that you follow online safety guidelines like these, and don’t share personal information online.

For parents, you may want to look at guidance here

What makes your course different from others?

Unlike some sign language videos, the BSL Online course is designed to help you develop your vocabulary, your understanding of BSL concepts and your receptive skills.

As you progress through the BSL course, the teaching videos also progress, from basic vocabulary to extended descriptions and examples of more complex signing. The interactive quizzes don’t just test your knowledge of vocabulary, but also allow you to see signs in context and even learn how to understand unfamiliar signs from context.

To reward your progress, you will gain badges and points for showing your understanding via quizzes and for participating in the BSL Online community.

What do I need to use BSL Online to learn sign language?

To use BSL Online, you will need access to the internet via a laptop, PC or tablet. You can also access the site via mobile, but the small screen size may make it difficult for you to see the detail in the videos.

You will also need time to practise your signing.

If you would like to print out the sign reference sheets or the additional printable sheets to help you practise then you will need access to a colour printer.

Can I learn BSL from your website or do I need to go to classes?

Our support course covers all the vocabulary and information that you need to sign to a level 1 standard and beyond.

Attending a level 1 sign language class would help you to learn regional variations for your area and give you the opportunity to practise your signing. If you want to take BSL level 1 exams then you will need to do this through a local provider.