Deaf Awareness and BSL Level 1 Support Course Bundle – Single Payment

This membership allows reduced price access to two great courses; the ‘Deaf Awareness’ course and the BSL Level 1 Support course by a single payment.

Deaf Awareness Course

This course gives a background understanding of

  • What Deafness is
  • How assistive technologies can help D/deaf people
  • Ways in which D/deaf people communicate
  • Deaf identity and culture
  • Practical ideas to improve communication
  • How to communicate with a D/deaf person using a support worker such as an interpreter

BSL Level 1 Support Course

This course has 35 lessons and covers BSL from fingerspelling to describing people, giving directions and going out for a meal. It develops to include much more complex situational and extended signing, including concepts such as placement and sign order.

There are over 750 items of vocabulary covered in the lesson videos, as well as printable resources to help you practise and reference sheets giving signs in words and pictures.

Your signing progress is measured by over 40 quizzes.

The Level 1 support course also includes access to the online BSL dictionary – with moving Gif images and descriptions of the signs. It also includes regional variations.

The Level 1 support course is designed to cover the full range and complexity of signing needed to achieve a level 1 qualification and beyond.