Deaf Awareness and Introduction to BSL Bundle

This membership allows reduced price access to two great courses; the ‘Deaf Awareness’ course and the ‘Introduction to BSL’ course.

Deaf Awareness Course

This course gives a background understanding of

  • What Deafness is
  • How assistive technologies can help D/deaf people
  • Ways in which D/deaf people communicate
  • Deaf identity and culture
  • Practical ideas to improve communication
  • How to communicate with a D/deaf person using a support worker such as an interpreter

Introduction to BSL Course

This course is an introduction to the fascinating world of communicating in BSL – British Sign Language.
It covers fingerspelling, greetings, asking and answering questions, colours and more, including the weather.

There are videos for you to watch, reference sheets to remind you of the signs, printables to help you practise and online quizzes to help you check your understanding.
There are 9 lessons, containing similar resources to the full level 1 course.